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Goldsmith Family Foundation Enhancing educational opportunities for Baltimore youth

History of the Foundation

The Goldsmith Family Foundation was established in 1991 with a bequest from the estate of Harold Norman Goldsmith, a well-known entrepreneur and philanthropist, who died tragically in a small airplane crash at the age of 48.  Born and raised in Baltimore City, and a graduate of Baltimore City College, Mr. Goldsmith wanted to make a difference in the lives of the children growing up in our city today.  He believed that improving the educational and cultural opportunities available to Baltimore youth would have a profound impact on their futures.  Left with this knowledge, and the means he provided, his family has sought to fulfill his wishes.

Since its inception, all three of Mr. Goldsmith’s children have joined the board of trustees, bringing with them a renewed commitment to their father’s vision and a more proactive role in grantmaking.  While other gifts may be considered (on an invitation-only basis), improving the quality of public education in Baltimore City has become our primary mission. 

The Foundation has supported direct, innovative programs from pre-kindergarten education to college training for future teachers and principals in the city schools.  We also fund after school and summer programs, including tutoring, mentoring and academic enrichment partnerships.  In addition, we work with the city’s cultural institutions to provide access for Baltimore City students.

Indeed, the Goldsmith Family Foundation is continually looking for new ways to improve the opportunities available to the youth of Baltimore City.


Goldsmith Family Foundation, Inc.
1829 Reisterstown Road
Suite 430
Baltimore, Maryland 21208
phone: 410-484-9292
fax: 410-486-9022